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    Marvel Treasury Edition #1-28

    Marvel Treasury Edition #1-28
    Eng | RS & Hotfile | 21 CBZ 7 CBR | Marvel Comics | Sep 1974 - 1981 | 1.78 GB Total

    In 1974 Marvel introduced us to something a heck of a lot larger than good old Giant-Size comics: Marvel Treasury Sized Editions. The treasury format is an oversized soft-cover format which was seen a few times in the 70's. Tabloid-sized 10” x 13” suckers that were so big (roughly twice the size of normal comic books), they fell over on the newsstand. Most of these issues included at least a few pages of original material, even if the bulk of the content consisted of reprints. Awkward to store properly, these are not expensive, but it is hard to find them in good condition now. All in all twenty-eight (28) Treasury Editions were published. I could say "complete" on the post title but I'm uncomfortable with that nomenclature; for one issue #12 featuring Howard the Duck and the Defenders (Dr. Strange, Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Silver Surfer and the Hulk) is incomplete. Instead of eighty-four (84) pages there are only thirty-five (35 - including cover) in the CBZ file. Nevertheless, the rest seem complete. I say "seem" because I am barely halfway through reading all 28 comic books.
    The Marvel Treasury Editions started in September 1974 with 100 giant pages of Spectacular Spider-Man and ended in 1981 with the 68-page Superman and Spider-Man. The latter is the second Marvel/DC crossover ever published, following 1976's one-shot Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man: The Battle of the Century. Marvel and DC had previously collaborated on a treasury edition of The Wizard of Oz, but this is only the second time characters owned by both companies were used together. It would be followed by several other crossovers in the years to come. Marvel Treasury Edition #28 however was largely the work of Marvel with DC Comics' approval, although it is considered the "sequel" to the first crossover.
    Instead of archiving I decided to present the issues individually, so as to provide latitude with choice.
    For details, may I respectfully direct you to the authoritative and accurate Marvel Treasury Edition of treasurycomics.com (click). All 28 Treasury Editions are depicted there complete with descriptions, solicitations, front and back covers.

    Compilation Contents
    Marvel Treasury Edition 001 - Spectacular Spider-Man.cbz - 61M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 002 - Fantastic Four.cbr - 49M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 003 - Thor.cbz - 63M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 004 - Conan.cbz - 84M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 005 - Hulk.cbz - 84M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 006 - Doctor Strange.cbz - 83M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 007 - Avengers.cbz - 69M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 008 - Holiday Grab Bag.cbr - 81M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 009 - Giant Superhero Team-Up.cbz - 63M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 010 - Thor.cbr - 66M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 011 - Fantastic Four.cbr - 31M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 012 - Howard the Duck + Defenders.cbz - 17M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 013 - Holiday Grab Bag.cbz - 72M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 014 - Spider-Man.cbz - 71M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 015 - Conan.cbr - 72M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 016 - Defenders.cbz - 77M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 017 - Hulk.cbz - 69M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 018 - Astonishing Spider-Man.cbz - 72M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 019 - Conan.cbz - 72M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 020 - Hulk.cbz - 68M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 021 - Fantastic Four.cbz - 70M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 022 - Sensational Spider-Man.cbz - 52M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 023 - Conan.cbz - 69M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 024 - Hulk.cbr - 113M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 025 - Winter Olympics.cbz - 30M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 026 - Hulk.cbz - 68M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 027 - Spider-Man.cbr - 52M
    Marvel Treasury Edition 028 - Superman vs Spider-Man II.cbr - 48M



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